5 Free tools for social media marketing

There are a lot of free tools for social media marketing but to choose what’s best for our efforts can be difficult. 

Making amazing content for your audience and keeping your social media engagement up to date is crucial. 

The benefits of engaging with them go beyond sharing valuable information.

tools for social media

Since you can also get valuable feedback and ideas for topics, network with others in your industry, and speak with influencers, among other things.

In this guide, you will learn about the most amazing and free tools for social media marketing.

1. Canva

The visual aspect of social media is increasing. 

Canva is an excellent tool to create amazing and relevant visuals for their social media accounts.

There are thousands of ready-made marketing assets you can use to create designer-level marketing assets.

Now you can even publish and schedule your posts directly from Canva by connecting your social channels.

This site has a free version that provides you with decent pre-made design templates.

It is highly recommended by many social media managers for the purpose of designing content on the go.

2. Hootsuite

Social media scheduling and marketing are carried out efficiently with the help of Hootsuite. 

The teamwork features make it easy for you to schedule posts, receive detailed reports, and collaborate with your team members.

Multiple streams can be viewed at once and you can monitor customer comments.

tools for social media

Thousands of posts are automatically scheduled at one time across multiple platforms so that your social presence is available 24/7.

With customizable and comprehensive reports, you’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

3. Buffer

For a long time, Buffer has been a popular social media management tool. 

With its neat and organized dashboard, it’s an intuitive and dependable place to manage your social media networking.

With this application, you are able to publish, engage, analyze, and collaborate easily with your team.

The queue list displays your scheduled posts. 

tools for social media

It is easy to see what posts have already gone live, the platform, and the time they go live by scrolling down.

Based on your followers’ activities, you can know the best time to share your content with Buffer.

4. Bit.ly

Bitly lets you shorten URLs with your own personal database while storing that shortening in your own personal account.

It lets you build URLs with custom slugs, such as bit.ly/my-custom-slug.

You can add tags to improve the organization of your database by changing URL titles. 

Therefore, all URLs associated with a campaign or promotion can be easily identified and analyzed.

tools for social media

Social media, email, and SMS campaigns can all be tracked with a quick glance.

The Bit.ly QR code generator will be a great help if you are using QR codes in your marketing strategy. 

Your audience will be able to connect with your brand in another way with a QR code created from any Bit.ly link.

5. Later

Later is one of the best marketing platforms for Instagram.

Visually planning, scheduling, and analyzing social media postings, especially for Instagram, Later is undeniably one of the most cost-effective and worthwhile tools available.

tools for social media

Using visual calendars, drag-and-drop operations, and automation scheduling, you can schedule Instagram posts for a week in just 20 minutes. 

The Instagram preview feature is also available.

Here's a treat from our side! 😀

Bonus Free Social Media Tool-


The news aggregation app Feedly helps you filter all the noise.

You can customize Feedly’s news feed to suit your tastes. 

Filter out irrelevant content and ensure you do not miss any important news by adding the sources you want to follow.

tools for social media

Group relevant sources into one feed to organize your feed. 

Consequently, you are able to browse all new posts on a particular topic all at once. 

As you read, you can check off articles or save important ones to read later.

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